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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jam Listrik 1930's ArT DeCo GREEN TELECHRON 2H07 BUFFET Kitchen Clock made in U.S.A

Rp.500.000 belum termasuk ongkos kirim.

Keterangan : 
  • Jam listrik Telechrom made in USA ini berfungsi normal.
  • 1930's ArT DeCo GREEN TeLeChRoN 2H07 BUFFET Kitchen Clock.
  • Jam ini di design oleh LEO IVAN BRUCE
  • Tegangan 110V sehingga membutuhkan alat tambahan atau trafo(step up/down) supaya tengangan menjadi 220V.
  • Casing jam terbuat dari Bakelit & menggunakan kaca cembung, kondisi masih bagus dan layak untuk dikoleksi.
  • Jam ini biasanya digunakan didapur & sangat cocok sebagai pelengkap dekorasi rumah.
Sumber www.atomicwarehouse.com/merchandise/clocks

Telechron and Art Deco

The Telechron company's success from the 1920s into the 1950s was not solely due to the technical advantages of their clocks, although all Telechron clocks were powered by successive versions of Henry Warren's synchronous motor. Rather, the Telechron company sought to produce clocks whose designs reflected one of the fundamental principles of the Art Deco movement: to combine modern engineering (including mass-production) with the beauty of simple geometric shapes. Thus, Telechron clocks are often considered genuine pieces of art—but art affordable by all, as thousands of them were made. The company employed some of the finest designers of the time, such as Leo Ivan Bruce (1911–1973) and John P. Rainbault. In the evolution of their designs, Telechron clocks were a faithful mirror of their own time. Just as a clock like the "Administrator" (designed by Leo Ivan Bruce) reflected thirties aesthetics, so the "Dimension" had 1950s lines. Telechrons were relatively expensive compared to other clocks.


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